San Diego Fern Society

September 2018

Saturday September 22
Fern Society Garden Visit

On Saturday evening September 22, enjoy a casual social event with fern friends from 4 to 7pm. This will be a potluck-style meal, with grill available for those would like to cook. Meet at the patio of Bob and Patty Charlton. At 4pm guests may enjoy viewing the many beautiful and interesting ferns and other plants in Bob's patio. Bring a dish to share and plan to eat around 5pm. This is an opportunity for Fern Society members and friends to relax after the busy August Show and Sale. Guests are welcome. There will not be a regular meeting in September.

Report on August meeting

With the Fern Show and plants arriving, the August meeting program was brief but unique. Kathy Thomson demonstrated planting and growing a Maidenhair Fern in a container with a cotton mop. Although this may not be a long term horticultural technique, her sample fern which had been growing for a month was looking very healthy. Kathy planted another, and both were displayed in the Fern Show.

Watering a fern from a reservoir with a wick may not be suitable for all ferns needing good drainage. However, many Adiantum ferns grow well when wet, not necessarily in standing water. This planting technique allows the fern to remain moist without constant attention.

View from 2017 garden visit to Bob and Patty Charlton's patio. The Fern Society guests are hidden in the ferny jungle.

Another view. Visitors will want to see the watering system that Bob uses to keep these ferns healthy. Photos credit: Bob Charlton.

San Diego Fern Society 2018
Show recognitions

Robin Halley Memorial Best Fern
(not a Platycerium)
Aglaomorpha meyeniana
Don Callard

Shirley Callard Memorial Best Platycerium
Platycerium willinkii
Jay Amshey

Most Unusual
Lecanopteris pumila
Don Callard

Division Awards

Lecanopteris pumila Don Callard

Aglaomorpha meyeniana Don Callard

Platycerium willinkii Jay Amshey

Platycerium hillii Don Callard

Platycerium cv Don Callard

Hypolepis punctata Walt Meier

Aglaonaria X robertsii Jay Amshey

Polypodium vulgare Don Callard

Pyrrosia hastata Kathy Thomson

Pyrrosia longifolia Don Callard

Over one hundred ferns were registered in the 2018 San Diego Fern Show, and some additional plants were on display.

Bob's Ferns

Fern Society member Bob Charlton displays many plants to visitors and at the Fern Show. Notable is a collection of beautiful and interesting Davallias, such as Davallia pyxidata and Humata 'Cat Hand'.

Humata 'Cat Hand' at a Fern Show. Photos
this page credit: K. Russell.

Bob also grows many Maidenhair Ferns. His fine leaflet Maidenhair from the late Mary Zemcik was displayed at the 2018 Fern Show.

Adianum tenerum 'Livianum' showing the pinkish margins on new growth, at the Charlton patio.
Photo credit: K. Russell.

Adiantum tenerum, on display at the 2018 Fern Show.
Photo credit: K. Russell.

An Adiantum in Bob and Patty Charlton's patio, with some pinkish new growth. Photo credit: K. Russell.

Adiantum capillus-veneris var. Fimbriatum. Photo credit: K. Russell.

Additional Adiantum Ferns seen on Bob's patio in 2017.
Photo credit: K. Russell.

Additional Adiantum Ferns seen on Bob's patio in 2017. Photo credit: K. Russell.

Adiantum peruvianum, a tropical species with large pinnules.
Photo credit: K. Russell.

Aspleniums at the Show

Some Aspleniums which were displayed at the August 2018 Fern Show may be new to Fern Society member personal collections here in San Diego.

A hybrid Asplenium, a cross of Asplenium goudeyi and Asplenium australasicum, was grown and displayed by Walt Meier. The plant shows characteristics of both parent ferns. Aspleniums are known to hybridize readily. Photo credit: K. Russell.

This Asplenium, grown by Don Callard, was displayed at the San Diego Fern Show. The plant is relatively small with green stipes, and an interesting shape to the pinules. The species name for this plant was not established, but the plant resembles Asplenium viride, alternate name Asplenium trichomanes-ramosum, which is native to northern and western North America and Eurasia. Below: fronds. Photos credit: K. Russell.

Best Fern in Show: Aglaomorpha meyeniana.

Most Unusual: Lecanopteris pumila. Both of these beautiful and unusual ferns were grown and displayed by Don Callard. Editor's Note: Watch for further information on these plants in future issues of the Fern World.

The entry display at the 2018 Fern Show featured color and plant variety. Note the sculptural Equisetum hyemale near the soft Davallia fronds. Small mixed planters support the garden feel. Plants and design were prepared by Kathy Thomson. Photo credit: K. Russell.

Unusual plants, hiding in the garden

A plant tree "grows" in Richard and Angelina Lujan's garden. The Platycerium is clearly visible, and Epiphyllums are hanging above. Growing cactus and ferns together is always a fun gardening practice. Tillandsias and other plants have found their way into the plant tree as well. Photo credit: Bob Charlton.

The Year of the Garden

Platycerium willinkii received the Best Platycerium recognition at the recent Fern Show. This plant was grown by Jay Amshey, who has success growing Staghorn Ferns from spores. It should be considered semi-tender to cold but is not difficult to grow in the San Diego area with proper care. Note that fronds are forked several times, with a slight curl on tips where the spores develop.

Best Platycerium in Show Platycerium willinkii on display at the San Diego Fern Show 2018. Photo credit: K. Russell.

San Diego Fern Society Officers

President Kathy Thomson
1st Vice President Paula Couturier
2nd Vice President Bart Keeran
Secretary Kathie Russell
Treasurer OPEN
Board Members:
Bruce Barry
Bob Charlton
Richard Lujan
Past President Don Callard

Webmaster: Bob Charlton

Fern Society email

Fern Society Memberships

The annual membership fee is $12 for a single or household membership, through December 2019. Provide name, mailing address and email at a meeting or mail to the address below.

Consider giving a membership as a gift to a plant-loving friend, or inviting a person with fern interests to the coming Garden Visit at Bob and Patty Charlton's home.

Bring $12 cash or check (payable to San Diego Fern Society) to a meeting or mail to:

San Diego Fern Society
4780 Glen
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The San Diego Fern Society was established in 1976 to provide a source of information on ferns; to arrange for people to study ferns together; to encourage the use and enjoyment of ferns in gardens, patios, and the home.

The Society aims to encourage all horticultural activities by example, education, and exhibits; to interest people in the beauty and satisfaction to be found in garden, patio and home living; to promote and stimulate interest in ferns; to encourage and develop culture of various types and varieties of ferns; to provide for the exchange and dissemination among Society members of information relating to culture of ferns.

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