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The books are presented in alphabetic order by title and are grouped into categories.

These books in this list are not necessarily in print. Many of the books which can be purchased on the internet.

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The following books have been reviewed in the San Diego Fern Society Fern World:

* The Fern Grower's Manual
* Flora of Australia, Volume 48, Ferns, Gymnosperms and Allied Groups
* The Ferns and Allied Plants of New England
* The Ferns of Tasmania
* Ferns of Hawai'i
* Common Ferns of the Philippines
* Flora of the Venezuelan Guayana, Volume 2, Pteridophytes and Spermatophytes: Acanthaceae-Araceae

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Book List

The books in this list are separated into categories. The identification list is further separated into regions.
* Identification
o Africa
o Australia
o Britain
o Central America
o Hong Kong
o India
o Indonesia
o Japan
o New Zealand
o North America
o Philippines
o South America
* Cultivation
* Research
* General Guides


These books are primarily useful for identifying plants from a specific region.
They may also contain useful horticultural information.

The ferns and fern allies of southern Africa
Author W.B.G. Jacobsen
Publisher Durban : Butterworths
Pages 542
ISBN 0409098361
Year 1983

The ferns and fern-allies of west tropical Africa : being a supplement to the second edition of The flora of west tropical Africa
Author A.H.G. Alston
Publisher London : Crown Agents for Oversea Governments and Administrations
Pages 89
Year 1959

Ferns and allied plants of Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia with distribution maps for the Victorian species
Author Betty D. Duncan
Publisher Carlton, Vic. : Melbourne University Press in association with Monash University ; Beaverton, OR : International Specialized Book Services
Pages 258
ISBN 0522842623
Year 1986

Ferns in Australia: Common, Rare and Exotic
Author DL Jones and CJ Goudey
Publisher Reed (Australia)
Pages 112
Price GBP 15.95 [ NHBS]
Year 1984

Ferns of Queensland: A Handbook to the Ferns and Fern Allies
Author SB Andrews
Pages 427
Price GBP 62 [ NHBS]
Year 1990

The ferns of Tasmania
Author Michael Garrett
Publisher Tasmanian Forest Research Council, Hoburt Tasmania
Pages 217
Price US$35 from the Hardy Fern Foundation., AU$45 from the publisher.
ISBN 072463519X
Year 1996
Description Describes the 101 species of Tasmanian ferns and fern allies.

Collins Guide to Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, and Ferns of Britain and Northern Europe
Author R Fitter, A Fitter and A Farrer
Publisher Harper Collins
Pages 256
Price GBP 12.99 [ NHBS]
Year 1984
Describes 590 species and illustrates 420, with distribution maps. 86 colour plates, line illus, 500 maps

Colour Identification Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of the British Isles and North-Western Europe
Author Francis Rose
Publisher Viking
Pages 204
Price GBP 40 [ NHBS ]
Year 1989
Description Illustrated by Claire Dalby, Lura Mason and R B Davis. This comprehensive work provides amateurs professionals alike with a definitive account of all the native and naturalized species of grasses, sedges, rushes, and ferns. Over 420 species are described with 350 magnificently illustrated in colour. Features vital to identification are also highlighted. It includes keys to both genera within families and species within genera, and an illustrated glossary of technical terms and plant structures.

The Fern Guide: A Field Guide to the Ferns, Clubmosses, Quillworts and Horsetails of the British Isles
Author J Merryweather and M Hill
Pages 88
Price GBP 7.60 [ NHBS]
Year 1995
Description Excellent key. Commonly-found hybrids are also included, as are habitat notes and distribution maps. 29 col photos, line illus, maps.

An Illustrated Field Guide to Ferns and Fern Allies of the British Isles
Author Clive Jermy and Josephine Camus
Publisher Paperback, International Specialized Book Services
Pages 208
Price BP 8.95
ISBN 0-565-01172-3
Year 1991

Central America
The ferns and fern-allies of Costa Rica, Panama, and the Choco (part 1: Psilotaceae through Dicksoniaceae)
Author David B. Lellinger
Publisher Washington, D.C. : American Fern Society
Pages 364
Price US$32
ISBN 0933500017
Year 1989

Ferns and fern allies of Guatemala
Author Robert G. Stolze
Publisher [Chicago] : Field Museum of Natural History
Pages 3 volumes
Year 1976-1983

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Ferns
Author May-Ling So
Publisher Urban Council, Hong Kong
Pages 159
Price HK$90
ISBN 962-7849-02-2
Year 1994
Description High quality illustrations, electron micrographs, readable descriptions of the ferns found in the Hong Kong area. Available in North America from Kwok Leung Yip, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio 45221-0006 USA. Outside North America, order from Dr. May-Ling So, Biology Department, Hong Kong Baptist University, 224 Waterloo Road, Hong Kong.

Ferns and Fern Allies of Meghalaya
Author A.K. Baishya and R.R. Rao
Publisher Hardcover, State Manual Book and Periodical Publishers Limited
Price $50.00
ISBN 81-85046-07-7
Year 1991

Ferns of Bombay
Author E Blatter and JF D'Almeida
Pages 228
Price GBP 10.40 [ NHBS ]
Year 1922
Description 1978 reprint. 15 b/w photos, 43 figs.

The Ferns of Singapore Island
Author Anne Johnson
Pages 126
Price GBP 13.95 [ NHBS]
Year 1977
Description A general account of the ecology of ferns in Singapore Island, a list of ferns found in Singapore with their Malay names, descriptions, and illustrations of species of ferns, a section fern-allies, and a short account of recent research on ferns.

Ferns and Fern Allies of Japan
Author Y Satake et al, Editors
Pages 312
Price GBP 165 > [ NHBS]
Year 1992

New Zealand
Ferns and fern allies of New Zealand
Author Designed and illustrated by Eric Heath; text by R. J. Chinnock
Publisher Wellington : A. H. & A. W. Reed
Pages 47
ISBN 058900865X
Year 1974

North America
Atlas of the Vascular Flora of Lousiana, Vol. I: Ferns and Fern Allies; Conifers and Monocotyledons
Author R. Dale Thomas, Charles M. Allen
Publisher Paperback, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Pages 218
Price GBP 14.50 [ NHBS]
ISBN 0-9638600-0-3
Year 1993

The ferns and fern-allies of British Columbia
Author T. M. C. Taylor
Publisher Victoria, British Columbia Provincial Museum
Pages 172
Year 1971

Ferns and fern allies of California
Author Steve J. Grillos
Publisher Berkeley, University of California Press
Pages 104
ISBN 0-520-00519-8
Year 1966

Ferns and Fern Allies of Canada
Author WJ Cody and DM Britton
Publisher [Ottawa, Canada] : Research Branch, Agriculture Canada
Pages 430
Price GBP 36 [ NHBS ]
Year 1989
Description Contains identification keys, plus notes on range and ecology.

Ferns and fern allies of Chihuahua, Mexico
Author Irving W. Knobloch and Donovan S. Correll
Publisher Renner, Texas Research Foundation
Pages 198
Description With illus. by Phoebejane Horning and Jane W. Roller.

Ferns and allied plants : with special reference to tropical America
Author Rolla Milton Tryon
Publisher New York : Springer-Verlag
Pages 857
Year 1982

Ferns & flowering plants of Wilton
Publisher Wilton, Conn. : Wilton Garden Club
Pages 105
Year 1992

The Fern Guide: Northeastern and Midland United States and Adjacent Canada
Author ET Wherry
Publisher New York: Dover, USA
Pages 320
Price GBP 9.95 [ NHBS]
ISBN 0486284964 (pbk.)
Year 1995
Description Reprint of the 1961 original edition, covering 135 species. Despite its age, a well-regarded reference. Illustrated by James C.W. Chen with 120 b/w illus

Ferns of the Coastal Plain: Their Lore, Legend & Uses
Author Lin Dunbar
Publisher Hardcover, University of South Carolina Press
Pages 179
Price $24.95
ISBN 0-87249-594-9
Year 1989

Ferns of Hawaii
Author K. Valier
Publisher University of Hawaii Press
Pages 94
Price $14.95, GPB 15.95 [ NHBS]
Year 1995
Description Introductory work, the first of its kind, which covers the sixty main species of ferns and fern allies of the two hundred or so found on the Islands. Each species has a section devoted to description, location, and use. Hawaiian, common, and scientific names are provided. 68 col and b/w illus.

Ferns of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Author George R. Proctor
Publisher Hardcover, New York Botanical Garden
Pages 389
Price $79.50
ISBN 0-89237-341-4
Year 1989

A field manual of the ferns & fern-allies of the United States & Canada
Author David B. Lellinger
Publisher Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Press
Pages 389
ISBN 0874746027, 0874746035 (pbk.)
Year 1985
Description photographs by A. Murray Evans

Henry Potter's Guide to Hybrid Ferns of the Northeast
Author Franke Thorne, Libby Thorne
Publisher Paperback, Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences
Pages 75
Price $14.95
ISBN 0-317-93441-4
Year 1989

Ferns and fern allies of the driftless area of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
Author James H. Peck
Publisher [Milwaukee] : Milwaukee Public Museum Press
Pages 140
ISBN 0893260835 (pbk.)
Year 1982

The fern allies of North America north of Mexico
Author Willard Nelson Clute
Publisher Joliet, Ill., W.N. Clute & co.
Year 1928
Description With more than one hundred and fifty illustrations by Ida Martin Clute

Ferns and fern allies of Texas
Publisher Renner, Texas Research Foundation
Pages 188
Year 1956

New Jersey Ferns and Fern Allies
Author James D. Montgomery, David E. Fairbrothers
Publisher Hardcover, Rutgers Unirsity Press
Pages 300
Price $45.00
ISBN 0-8135-1817-2
Year 1992

Common Ferns of the Phillipines
Author May-Ling So
Publisher College of Arts and Sciences, Trinity College, Quezon City
Pages 115
Price US$25
Year 1995
Description This book provides a description of 100 of the approximately 930 ferns of the Phillipines. Spore features are provided through electron micrographs. Available in North America from Kwok Leung Yip, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio 45221-0006 USA. Outside North America, order from Dr. May-Ling So, Biology Department, Hong Kong Baptist University, 224 Waterloo Road, Hong Kong.

South America
Flora of the Venezuelan Guayana, Volume 2, Pteridophytes and Spermatophytes: Acanthaceae-Araceae
Author P.E. Berry, B.K. Holst, and K. Yatskievych
Publisher Portland, Oregon: Missouri Botanical Garden and Timber Press
Pages 706
Price US$65.00, BPS37.50
ISBN 0-88192-326-5
Year 1995

These books provide help with growing ferns.
The Cultivation of Ferns
Author Andrew McHugh
Publisher Hardcover, Trafalgar Square
Pages 168
Price $55.00
ISBN 0-7134-6492-5
Year 1992

The Cultivation and Propagation of British Ferns, 2nd Edition
Author JW Dyce
Publisher British Pteridological Society
Pages 38
Price GBP 7.95 [ NHBS ]

Fern Horticulture: Past Present and Future Perspectives
Author JM Ide, AC Jermy and AM Paul, Editors
Publisher Intercept
Pages 308
Price GBP 42.50 [ NHBS]
Year 1992
Description Proceedings of an international symposium on the cultivation and propagation of pteridophytes, held in London in 1991.

Growing Ferns
Author John Mason
Publisher Paperback, Kangaroo Press
Price A$14.95
ISBN 0-86417-281-8
Year 1990

These books provide more techical information about biology and research issues associated with ferns.
Biology of Indian Pteridophytes
Author SS Bir , Editor
Price GBP 14.50 [ NHBS ]
Year 1994
Description Contents include: distribution, systematics, taxonomy and phylogeny: morphology, anatomy and palynology: reproductive biology and cytogenetics; endangered fern species and conservation strategies.

Development Biology of Fern Gametophytes
Author V. Raghaven
Publisher Hardcover, Cambridge University Press
Pages 250
Price $85.00
ISBN 0-521-33022-X
Year 1989

General Guides
These books provide a potpourri of fern information, including extensive coverage of known ferns.
Encyclopedia of Ferns
Author DL Jones
Publisher Timber Press
Pages 460
Price GBP 45 [ NHBS ] US$59.95 GBP 45 [ Timber Press]
Year 1987
Description Comprehensive survey giving details of habitat, classification and cultivation. 250 colour photos and numerous b/w photos, line drawings. [Available from Timber in UK only until June]

Author Gillean Dunk
Publisher Hardcover, Harper Collins Inc.
Price A$39.95
ISBN 0-207-17971-9
Year 1994

Author Theresa Greenway
Publisher Hardcover, Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers
Pages 48
Price $21.34
ISBN 0-8114-2735-8
Year 1992

Author Christopher N Page
Publisher New Naturalist
Pages 434
Price Out of print [ NHBS]
Description This book covers the Pteridophyta - the ferns, horsetails and club-mosses. It gives an introduction to the reasons for the variety of ferns in Britain, as well as the history of their development, and their use by man. Taking each habitat in turn, it shows which species are most likely to be found and why, and the way in which they are adapted to their particular environment.

Ferns for American Gardens
Author John T. Mickel
Publisher Hardcover, MacMillan Publishing, Inc.
Pages 416
Price $60.00
ISBN 0-02-584491-1
Year 1994

Ferns to Know and Grow
Author Gordon Foster
Publisher Paperback, Timber Press Incorporated
Pages 244
Price US$22.95 GBP 16.99 [ Timber Press]
ISBN 0-88192-234-X
Year 1993

Garden Flowers: Portraits of Favorite Garden Flowers and Ornamental Grasses and Ferns with Instructions for Their Care, with Design Ideas for Large and Small Gardens
Author Bernd Hertle, Peter Kiermeier, Marion Nickig
Publisher Hardcover, Barron's Educational Series
Pages 240
Price $20.00
ISBN 0-8120-6386-4
Year 1994

A World of Ferns
Author Josephine Camus, A.C. Jermy, and B. Thomas
Publisher Paperback, International Specialized Book Services
Pages 112
ISBN 0-565-01120-0
Year 1991

How to know the ferns and fern allies
Author John T. Mickel
Publisher Iowa : W. C. Brown Co.
Pages 229
ISBN 0697047709 0697047717 pbk.
Year 1979

The fern book / text and prints
Author Mabel Crittenden
Publisher Millbrae, Calif. : Celestial Arts
Pages 127
Price US$3.95
ISBN 0890872279
Year 1978

A fern book for everybody. Containing all the British ferns. With the foreign species suitable for a fernery
Author M.C. Cooke
Publisher London, F. Warne and company
Pages 124
Year 1868