We're hoping to establish links to most of the fern-related sites from here. That includes links to book stores, gardens, plant databases, and so on. If you know a link that you think should be included, please contact us.


Fern Societies are popping up all over the place on the web. There are two new ones in the last couple of months. The newcomers are the Los Angeles International Fern Society (LAIFS), the British Pteridological Society (BPS).

You can also find some more established fern societies sites, including the American Fern Society (AFS). There are interesting pages on Growing Ferns and Fern Basics. The AFS Spore Exchange is also available.

The Hardy Fern Foundation (HFF) page is now available. The HFF specializes in frost hardy ferns.

Other pertinent society links include the Botanical Society of America (BSA) which is the parent organization for the AFS.

GardenNet provides a long list of American societies.


The Ohio State University provides a sources site called WebGarden. This is not to be confused with another site for sources the Garden Web and also their Links Growers and Suppliers.

A very interesting link is the Buglogical site. They deal in beneficial insects.

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has a set of web pages regarding Ceratopteris. These pages present information on the life cycle and on an iinteresting research program.

Right now we have links to five on-line bookstores with fern-related titles. The biggest collection seems to be available at Barnes & Noble. They have over forty fern titles listed. The next biggest collection is at the Natural History Book Store in the UK. Technical bookstores with fern-related titles are Timber Press [with bookstores in the US and England] and Balogh Scientific Books. Amazon is a general on-line bookstore with over a million titles, including a lot of fern-related books.

Over the last four years a variety of individual fern-related sites have been created. Two impressive ones were developed by Australians. David Nichols has created his Ferns of the Canberra Region website featuring ferns from the capital region of Australia. Keith Rogers created another. Both of these sites provide information for knowing ferns and growing ferns.

Here in the US, Don Lubin has created an interesting site featuring the ferns of New England (and Bermuda) titled Ferns et al of New England. This site features over 120 images of ferns.